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Magic Truffels - Atlantis

De Psilocybe Atlantis  is de sterkste magic truffel in onze webshop.  De Atlantis geeft je een  lacherig en euforisch gevoel bij een lage dosis. In een hoge dosis is werking van de Atlantis zeer intens en garant voor een kleurijke trip.

Verkrijgbaar in 15 gram

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

€ 14,00
  • Koop 4 voor € 13,00 per stuk. en bespaar 8%
  • Koop 10 voor € 11,50 per stuk. en bespaar 18%

De Psilocybe atlantis magic truffel is een soort met een mysterieuze origine. De Atlantis truffel is verwant aan de P. Mexicana en wordt ook wel als een variant van de P.galindoi gezien. Er is nog altijd geen duidelijkheid over de exacte herkomst van de Atlantis strain.

De paddenstoelen van de P. Atlantis zijn ook bekent onder de naam Atlantis Liberty Caps en worden gevonden in het grasland van Fulton County, Georgia in de Verenigde Staten.

Atlantis truffels zou je ook kunnen kennen onder de namen "Atlanta Liberty Caps Truffles", Sclerotia, tripknollen, Triprocks, Philosophers' Stones of  Númenórian XTC.  Bij ons heten de Atlantis sclerotia gewoon Atlantis!

Atlantis truffels zijn zeer potent dit komt door de hoge concentratie psilocine en psilocybine die zich in deze sclerotia bevindt.

De Psilocybe Atlantis magische truffels zijn vacuum verpakt en bevatten 15 gram aan magic truffels. Door deze verpakking zijn de truffels langer houdbaar en kunnen wij ze over lange afstand verzenden.

Koel bewaren en na opening direct consumeren



Extra informatie
Extra informatie
Artikelnummer sc-pg15
Gewicht (KG) 0.1000
Porties 1 - 3
Soort Psilocybe galindoi
Herkomst Verenigde Staten
Inhoud 15g
Sterkte Hoog
Geen verzending naar: Niet-EU-landen, Afrika, Azië, Australië, Oostenrijk, Caribisch gebied, Centraal-Amerika, Cyprus, Denemarken, Duitsland, Ireland, Midden-Oosten, Zuid-Amerika, Finland, Israel , Malta, Nieuw Zeeland, Noorwegen, Rusland, Zweden, Zwitserland, Turkije, United Kingdom, Verenigde Staten


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Absolutely fascinating Review by Robert
Brilliant experience! Great visuals. Couldn't stop laughing or smiling the whole trip. Highly recommended (Geplaatst op 15-09-2016)
Excellent product! speedy postage, great customer service! :D Review by Taygus
I ordered these based on reviews.
They were just like shrooms and lasted a good 6 hours.. and easily another 2 hours feeling relaxed and happy.

I had to contact customer service to change an order. .and had a very speedy helpful reply from them.

Was a little wary of sending by bank transfer but had no issues at all.

Definitely look forward to buying again!
A++++++++ (Geplaatst op 07-04-2016)
excellent Review by CP
Beautiful experience, found it better to be on my own for last couple hours of the trip. Great service (Geplaatst op 06-10-2015)
Amazing Review by Laurynas
Really fast delivery straight to your home doors, effect was great too after taking 5 g about was life full of joy. Really good if you are artist and thinking for ideas, it just flow like a river throught your head. (Geplaatst op 03-09-2015)
Worth the money! Review by Will
My girlfriend and I shared 15 grams, her first experiment of anything like this, and my first in about ten years. We were not disappointed! I wasn't expecting much, but within 30 minutes we were both getting mild visuals & giggles. Having a smoke definitely helped bring out a stronger trip, lasting about 3-4 hours. Quite intense at times, but manageable & enjoyable. Will most definitely be buying these again. Recommend 100%. (Geplaatst op 07-10-2014)
wow! Review by francesco
I took 10 grams and so strong, wow! .... very funny and a lot of vision (Geplaatst op 18-08-2014)
Good product Review by #FT79
I took 15 grams straight after 4 hours with no food. I joined it with red label and cola. after 30 minutes i start feeling the effect and 15 minutes later the visuals started. Great trip and very power but I was all the time under control. It really gives you the "ecstasy" sensation plus strong visual specially if you are in a park, I took them alone i recomend take them with someone else cuz it'll be more fun.
I repeated the week after and wasn't the same experience, was more "cool down". Anyways both trips were 4 to 5 hours with visuals but i recomend take them every 2 weeks cuz for me the first trip was better.
Thanks to MMS (Geplaatst op 02-12-2013)
Witziger Shit :) Review by Illuminenemy
Wie auch schon in Amsterdam ist der Trip solcher Pilze/Trüffel immer eine sehr besondere und interessante Erfahrung :)
Mein Tipp an die Psychonauten:
Nehmt den Scheiß nicht, wenn ihr irgendetwas Negatives zu verarbeiten habt ;)
Vielen Dank magic-mushrooms-shop und bis zum nächsten Mal :) (Geplaatst op 18-10-2013)
Atlantis Magic Truffles Review by frank
...arrived with the rest of my order very fast from mms. thx again for the professional and secret shipping procedure... we did a light dosis (5g) of the truffles and had a 4-5h light trip (still more what i expect) with laughing attacs and a lot of fun. i had not tried out truffles before and my opinion is, it is worth every cent and i will have them again... (Geplaatst op 14-09-2013)
Funniest day in my life Review by Ns
ooowwww man !

First of all i should say it was an amazing trip :))

We were 3 close friends. We went to the sea side which is 10min walking from our house.
It was about 4 o'clock at midday. Few pepole around the beach was having sunshine.
Anyway we found a place which is quite and far away from people. Start to eat and chew well.
after 30 min. Something started to being strange ! :) after 45min we said whatta fuck!! what is
going on around here ! Started to laughing head off.. We couldnt stoped our laugh..

The beach, clouds, sand... everything became Full HD :D
Then we felt that was becoming stronger :))

We brought a few beers with us just in case, if some people see us and they think we drank too much alchol..:)
Anyway, There was a fisherman, he was very old and coming to through us.. We started panic! He came and just sat
next to the us, was about 20 meter away.. After he sat, we started laugh again and again.. We really couldnt stop..
We looked at our beers they were not opened yet !! :)) and we laugh again:))

Then we talked at eachother and said, ok we must do sometihng, stay here or go home.. because everythings going very weird!!
We chosed to go home.... mannn it was the most funny walking in our life.. until we walked at home we saw so many interesting things in the jungle:))
When we saw some people walking throuh to us, we just start to walk another way :) just in case of they try to communicate to us. :))

Anyway, in the and we found home.. before we going out we left music and lazers open at home. When i open the door, i though there is a biggist party happining at our home :)
We joint to the party and dance with Armin, Sensation white videos on projection plus 5+1 speaking system..
about 3 ours non stoping...

At he last ours our trip we started to feel little weak.. One of my friend started to think his girlfriend and becaming little sad..As soon as we realized, tried to make him happy..
We gave a job to him.. His job was fireing barbeque.. :) In the end we eat nice food on barbeque and told us what was happened to us!!..

We were all appratiated, thanked you and your truffles.. That was our first try.. We all said eachother, that 3 man cant have better fun than this with anything... :)
Again thanks for all that..
(Geplaatst op 26-09-2011)
Fooking Amazing Review by Artificial
These guys rock... great products and super fast delivery...
Hope they are about till im old n grey

Thanks again for some fun weekend.
Arti (Geplaatst op 09-06-2011)

11 artikel(en)

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Belangrijke informatie over Magic Truffels - Atlantis | 15 gram

  • Om dit product te kunnen bestellen moet je 18 jaar of ouder zijn.
  • Dit product wordt alleen naar een adres in Europa verzonden.
  • Het gebruiken van paddo's en truffels is op eigen risico, laat je dus goed informeren over het gebruik en hun effecten.
  • Gratis verzending binnen Nederland en Belgë vanaf €35,-.
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