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  1. Magic truffles Tampanensis

    Magic truffles Tampanensis

    Soo cool!!! They were perfect, deep, funny, we could talk and laugth a lot. I tried many differents mushrooms and this ones has take my attention peace and filosofy . And the
  2. Power Magic Truffles Voordeelpakket

    Power Magic Truffles Voordeelpakket

    Nothing so far So far, I've tried Utopia and Hollandia and nothing. Other than feeling a bit nauseous and very tired and sleepy, I've experienced no visuals of any kind, no euphoria, no
  3. Classic Magic Truffles Voordeelpakket

    Classic Magic Truffles Voordeelpakket

    Perfetto Il prodotto era esattamente quello che mi aspettavo,
  4. FreshMushrooms® grow kit Cambodia

    FreshMushrooms® grow kit Cambodia

    Cambodian trip 0.5g So my first flush yielded abour 11grams dry. Second flush was just 6 mushrooms with two big ones and the rest being side mushies. It's going for it's third flush
  5. Liquid Culture Growth Medium

    Liquid Culture Growth Medium

    Excellent product Works perfectly but a bit expensive.
  6. FreshMushrooms® grow kit B+

    FreshMushrooms® grow kit B+

    You can do better.. As a longtime customer i first want to say that i am usually very happy with what i get.. High quali with high yields and many flushs! But sometimes shit