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  • Mexicana Magic Truffles

    What are the Mexicana Magic Truffles? Mexican Truffles, or Psilocybe Mexicana, is a well known hallucinogenic mushroom. It comes from North America and was consumed already 2...
  • Atlantis Magic Truffles opinions

    The experience with magic truffles is highly subjective. Each magic truffles variety can give each person different effects. What your friend experiments during a trip may not be the same thing you experiment. This fact can be a little scary, but the best way to contemplate it is with an open min...
  • Magic Truffles Cultivation

    The cultivation of Magic Mushrooms is an extended practice. You've heard about these growkits that make this process very easy: just open your growkit, add some water, put it in a bright and warm place and let the magic grow. Did you know that you can grow magic truffles in the same easy way? Yes...
  • Magic Truffles Tea

    Magic truffles might not have the best taste to eat them raw. Some people just can be disgusted by only the taste of them, people that can be very sensitive to the earthy flavor of the truffles. You've tried eating them, then swallowing them but the nausea or even vomit remains. Don't worry. Y...
  • Tampanensis Magic Truffles: american magic

    The Tampanensis magic truffles is one of the most known and consumed magic truffles in the world. They're sometimes called 'Philosopher's stones' for the mystic kind of trip that this species serves to us. Do you want to try this magic truffles variety? Read all the things you must know before ta...

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  1. High Hawaiians | 22 gram

    High Hawaiians | 22 gram

    Excellent I used Hawaiian, very high and colored effects, it's absolutely magic, in contrary at the Dragon's dynamite. 22g I think can be use for three peoples.(Review by Havoc)
  2. Dragon's Dynamite | 15 gram

    Dragon's Dynamite | 15 gram

    Great Experiance As others have commented, a bit strong on the stomach so maybe not for first time experiences but I can't fault the trip. 3 hours of good visuals and laughing,(Review by Gull)
  3. Magic truffles Tampanensis

    Magic truffles Tampanensis

    Deep experience This product has it's name right! Philosopher's stone used to be my shroom of choice for a mindblowing visual experience but last time when I took it (like 2 weeks(Review by Pedro)
  4. High Hawaiians | 22 gram

    High Hawaiians | 22 gram

    Was good :) These truffles are awsome but not so hard. :)(Review by Viktor)
  5. Atlantis truffels | 15 gram

    Atlantis truffels | 15 gram

    Excellent product! speedy postage, great customer service! :D I ordered these based on reviews. They were just like shrooms and lasted a good 6 hours.. and easily another 2 hours feeling relaxed and happy. I had to contact(Review by Taygus)


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Growing Tips

The temperature should be right. Make sure that the kit stays between the 20°C and 25°C, also at night. When the temperature is higher or lower than this, the mushrooms will either grow very slow or not at all.

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