Magic Truffels "High Hawaiians"

De High Hawaiian magic truffel is een zeer potente magic truffel. Gebruikers beschreven de trip als erg visueel en krachtiger dan op de Atlantis, Hollandia en Dragons truffel. De Psilocybe Hawaiian truffel is de soort om eens lekker diep te gaan!

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Multi Banco

De High Hawaiians magic truffelszijn verkrijgbaar in een 22 grams vacuüm verpakking. De trufffels zijn daar door langer houdbaar. (bij 2 to 4 graden)

De truffel is een levend product daardoor kan zijn dat er lucht/CO2 in de verpakking zit of dat er een witte substantie op de truffels begint te groeien. De sclerotia is dan mycelium aan het produceren.

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Extra informatie
Extra informatie
Artikelnummer SMS.EBTRF.001-HHAW-22
Gewicht (KG) 0.1000
Porties 1 - 2
Soort N/A
Herkomst Verenigde Staten
Inhoud 22g
Sterkte Hoog


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I strongly recommend the website and the product Review by Aleksandra
The delivery was very fast and flawless. I chose this product because of a recommendation from a friend and I will definitely order it again in the future. The trip was life-changing. (Geplaatst op 05-01-2022)
Good Review by Svapdamp
I took 15 g and it was magic. It was like a game or a movie I recommend (Geplaatst op 24-02-2018)
Fantastic Product Review by Anthony
AMAZING product, discreet packaging. Came pretty quickly.

I had an AMAZING experience with those truffles, I took the whole 22g in some OJ, drank it over the course of 1h-2h because they taste pretty bad. BUT this is the closest thing you'll ever experience to magic in this world. This is purely too incredible to be described by words. I had unbelievable visuals and felt many things I never had before. When I peaked and everything clicked into place, things finally made sense. Being able to experience the world from a whole new perspective for the first time like a newborn is something everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. I tasted the best chocolate in the universe, it connected with the music I was listening to, with the light I could perceive trough my closed eyes as well as the INCREDIBLE visuals that were happening inside me all along. This connection is the purest and most intense thing I ever experienced before. My tongue was a snake dancing and swirling in my mouth, playing in every corner of my mouth.

It's quite hard to put what I experienced into words so i'll just leave it at that.
Some advice :

- Take them on an empty stomach ( I made the mistake to take them raw on a full stomach and ended throwing up the first time)
- Chop and mix them in a drink
- Take your time when drinking it
- Prepare a good playlist to listen to
- Make yourself comfortable, In bed, with blanket
- Make sure to be with people you're comfortable with because you might act weird :p
- Prepare some good snacks (preferably nothing dry like chips), you'll experience taste in a whole new way
- Mint flavored candies helped me get rid of the bad taste of mushies I had in my mouth

ENJOY THE MAGIC (Geplaatst op 27-01-2018)
Excellent Review by Fred
Highly recommend these, they were absolutely amazing :) (Geplaatst op 27-12-2016)
Excellent Review by Havoc
I used Hawaiian, very high and colored effects, it's absolutely magic, in contrary at the Dragon's dynamite. 22g I think can be use for three peoples. (Geplaatst op 12-08-2016)
Was good :) Review by Viktor
These truffles are awsome but not so hard. :) (Geplaatst op 17-04-2016)

6 artikel(en)

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Belangrijke informatie over Magic Truffels High Hawaiians | 22 gram

  • Om dit product te kunnen bestellen moet je 18 jaar of ouder zijn.
  • Dit product wordt alleen naar een adres in Europa verzonden.
  • Het gebruiken van paddo's en truffels is op eigen risico, laat je dus goed informeren over het gebruik en hun effecten.
  • Gratis verzending binnen Nederland en Belgë vanaf €35,-.
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